>The Classification Of Computers

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>There are many types of computers on the market, each type performing different jobs.

Computer can be classified in various ways. The qualified computer architectures design computers according to specific requirements.

According to the purposes for which are made, computers are very different between them. A computer used in a hospital will be different in shape and size from one used at home. Some large buildings use servers; other computers are built for weather forecast.

There are computers that beat any other in terms of weight. A laptop used by a student is very different from heavier computers used as servers.

Classifications depend on the jobs performed by computers. There are several ways to classify computers which are described below.

What is the super computer

The super computer is a larger, massive piece of equipment that is also very expensive. Its processing capacities are incredible, being able to calculate and execute trillions of instructions in seconds. Super computers are not used as personal computers.

Generally, super computers are bought and used by governmental agencies and large industrial companies for executing complicate functions and designing products.

Another user of the super computer is Hollywood. Here, studios use them for animation. Also, forecasting weather reports are done all over the world by super computers.

The use of mainframes

Millions of instructions are executed and billions of data accessed in a second by mainframes, other giant computers.

Because of the mainframes capability of retrieving huge amounts of data in a short time, they are used in big hospitals, airline reservations companies and other big companies.

Mainframes are very expensive and you will not find them in someone’s personal home.

Their cost usually rises up to thousands of dollars.

Who uses minicomputers

Small businesses and colleges prefer to use minicomputers. Their computing capacities and performances are lower than mainframes, but they are still very good pieces of equipment.

Importance of personal computers

Personal computers are, as their name says, machines for personal use. Any computer user knows what a personal computer is and how it can be used.

PC’s, as personal computers are called are preferred by the large mass of home users. They are cheaper and smaller than the other models.

Personal computers are very popular. Many have such equipment in their homes as they can fit one single bedroom.

What are notebook computers

Students prefer to use notebooks, as they are easier to carry everywhere. It is useful when needed in school as one enters easily into a bag.

Not only students, but business people use notebooks to keep up with their meetings and assignments.

Regarding the capacities, the notebook has the same characteristics as the personal computer. It stores enough data and it has a memory similar to that of a PC.


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