>Computer Viruses – The dangers of the internet

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>Computer viruses are one of the most destructive threats ofthe computer world. Just like a real biological virus, a computer virus canattach itself to a computer and copy itself. Viruses can be distinguished frommalware, adware, or spyware because of their replicating abilities, and shouldnot be referred to these other terms. Viruses are destructive because of thevarious harmful effects that it can bring to your computer and its files. Datalocated inside a user’s computer can become corrupted or inaccessible,rendering potentially valuable files useless. Worse, a virus may entirely wipethe data inside the computer, all its installed programs, files saved andfolders created. Another harmful effect it can perform is to spread itself likea real virus, and infect other computers. The performance of the computer canalso become slower, or its applications become inaccessible for use. It is alsousual to see a virus-infested computer to crash every now and then, restartingitself much to the annoyance of its user.

A virus is actually a computer program itself. Viruses areprograms that needed to be executed and once activated, would be able to writeits own code to the memory of the personal computer. Most of the time, virusesare able to consolidate themselves to legit programs in the form of anexecutable file, which makes them even more dangerous as a user make mistake avirus for a valid file and unknowingly activate the virus program. Among thetypes of media that it can attach itself are binary executable files such as.exe and com files, specific auto-run script files, word documents,spreadsheets, and database files. Viruses also take up memory because of itsnature as a program, and thus take up space that is best utilized for othermore important programs.

Viruses can spread through the use of external memory thatis plugged into one’s computer, or through the access of the internet. Theseprograms can make it look like harmless files like images or videos. To combatthis dangerous threat, one must install into their own personal computer ananti-virus program that seeks these potentially harmful elements whichafterwards enables the user to remove the viruses. A good anti-virus programshould be able to identify the existing viruses that has spread in one’s PC,even the well-hidden ones, and is able to update itself with the latest virusdefinitions in the World Wide Web. Depending on one’s usage of the computer,anti-virus programs can come in free or with a cost. Free anti-virus programshave limited capabilities and usually only has a time period for its trial anduse. Priced anti-virus programs, on the other hand, usually have better or haveadded features and more comprehensive in their performance as a threatdetector, and are usually better supported by their software developers.

The threat of these computer viruses arriving in one’scomputer will always exist. With that in mind, one has to always be ready toguard his/her computer from these threats and ensure the security and smoothperformance of one’s computer.


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