>Stress On The Internet

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>Stress in all its forms can be dangerous to health, wealth, and relationships; but not always. Stress in the life of the webmaster, internet developer, or internet marketer can be even worse; but not always.

Before we examine the impact of stress, let us first consider that there is both good stress and bad stress. The good kind can actually be helpful to crystallize your focus, expand your creativity and accelerate your progress. The bad kind can freeze you with fear, raise your intolerance level, and damage everything you are trying to achieve. It is interesting to note that often we can spiral up or down the stress pole without realizing it, before it is too late. Stress has its way of increasing to higher levels when we tolerate the lower amounts; that is, the more we accept, the more we get, until the breaking point. Moving up the stress pole is good stress which brings us energy and intensity, because the outcomes expected will be positive for us. Moving down the stress pole is bad stress, bringing us uncertainty, illness, delay, because the outcomes expected are negative for us.

An example of good stress could be a new client contract, such as launching a website with email marketing communications, blogging, and client direct product sales/delivery. Wow, that is a tall order. Taken in its pieces, the activities needed to pull it off are manageable and likely doable by different people with different skill sets, tools, etc. from marketing, sales, service, accounting, technical, product development. In its entirety though, it could create a lot of stress and worry of how, who, when, and what needs to be done, especially if you are only one person.

But this stress is good, it is exhilarating. It will lead to income, work projects, satisfied clients, resales, referrals, profits, expansion, etc. – all good stuff. Because of the good that will flow from this stress, we become intent on accomplishment and push ourselves with planning, focus, and deadlines that may tire us out, but also improves our effectiveness.

How about an example of bad stress coming from our failure to execute a timely product development or launch or close a critical client sale. Now the stress spiral brings out all the bad stuff. We worry, we argue, we criticize, condemn or complain. We delay, we avoid, and we get overwhelmed with information and become unable to make decisions. Of course, then we skip meals, don’t sleep well, miss out on exercise, take our problems out on another. These, of course accelerate our decay, and multiply both the stress and the problems. This stress must be avoided all costs.

For someone who makes their livelihood from the internet, special stresses outside of the normal occur. The internet represents the “bleeding edge” of progress. Most activity on the internet is changing in both scope and technique every day. When you begin work tomorrow, you are likely to face new technology, new marketing strategy, new models that work and those that don’t work any more. You will certainly face an overwhelming amount of information, email, innovations and marketing messages.

Your chances for success and for failure will increase. Little on the internet is stable and you must face the fear of the unknown. Everything that “normal” folks face in regards to stress will come your way, except at the internet speed of change. This change pace and its instability will make all the stress seem much higher. The expectations of results that are held by you or your client are those of the internet age, not the railroad age. Faster, better, easier is the minimum standard, with no obligation or risk to the user or client.

The internet age demands a lot, somewhat hardly possible to fulfill. Hence, stress will be a major obstacle to overcome and conquer. Convert as much stress as possible into good stress and run quickly from the bad stress.


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