>Finding a Computer Repair Technician You Can Trust

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>How do you find a PC servicing business or individual you can trust? While investigating online reviews and getting recommendations from friends and family are two of the best ways, here are some other questions to think about.I do Computer repair in Richmond Hill and here are some things I believe you ought to keep in mind when selecting a company, because they are a reflection of their attitude towards fairness and customer satisfaction.

1. What is their company’s Refund Policy?

If your system is not repaired, or breaks again with the identical problem, how will they deal with it? Is there a warranty period for the work provided? Will they give a total or partial refund if you are not satisfied with their work?
1. What will they do if you are sold parts that don’t fix your PC’s problem?

If a part the shop replaces doesn’t repair your PC, will they give you a full or partial refund and put your old part back in your system?
Be sure to retain all parts taken out of your system for replacement, especially hard drives. If a part the shop replaces doesn’t repair your PC, will they give you a full or partial refund and put your old part back in your system? Some technicians will charge huge markups for parts, which may increase their motivation for replacing things that don’t need to be replaced. A look at the big box stores (Staples, etc) prices can ensure you are getting a reasonable deal for items such as hard drives, monitors, and wireless routers. In order to reassure customers, and provide a level of trust, some businesses such as The Computer Doctor Inc do not charge a markup on parts purchased at retail stores, and will even give you the original receipt. This practice actually costs a business time and money, as they have to drive around and pick up the parts, but for some businesses it is sensible to provide this extra level of comfort.
3. Does the company recommend free software when appropriate?

If you want or need a software program, a technician usually has two options. They can sell you a piece of software, or suggest a free open source (legal) choice. For example, some individuals are at low risk to getting viruses on their Computer depending on their surfing habits. In many cases a free antivirus program for personal use can be downloaded and installed that will work as well as a $100 product. Free, open source alternatives to Microsoft Windows, Adobe Illustrator and many other programs are all available. These alternatives can’t be recommended in all cases (if you need 100% compatibility with Microsoft Office for example), but working with a company who can help you assess your actual needs can save you thousands of dollars on software.

With these suggestions in mind you should have no trouble finding a PC repair company who is dedicated to providing fair and excellent customer service. When you are looking for laptop repair in Richmond Hill, I hope you will contact me. With over 10 years of experience as The Computer Doctor Inc, I have come to know how to reassure customers and convey my honesty when consulting with new patrons.


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