>Install Unreal 3.2.7 IRCd

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>How to install Unreal 3.2.7 IRCd

Welcome to the Tolerant Solutions installation guide for installing
the Unreal 3.2.7 IRCd on our shell servers. To retrieve the latest
version of the Unreal IRC daemon– you can connect to our public FTP

wget ftp://ftp.tolerant.ca/pub/ircd/Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz

The above line will retrieve Unreal IRCd version 3.2.7. Now that it
is downloaded, you need to unzip the file by typing:

tar -zxvf Unreal3.2.7.tar.gz

You will see a stream of lines displaying– that’s the compressed
package unzipping to your shell. Now you can jump into the IRCd
directory by typing:

cd Unreal3.2.7

Now that you are in the directory, you need to configure your IRCd.
You can type the following (within the Unreal3.2.7 directory) to begin
configuring your IRCd options:


NOTE: To select the default configuration options
(recommended), simply hit enter. If you are an advanced user and would
like to change configuration options, you may do so using the ./Config

Then type the following commands… (allowing each to run once):



make install

Now we recommend that you edit an example of a working configuration
file… Download this in your directory by typing:

wget ftp://ftp.tolerant.ca/pub/ircd/conf-examples/unrealircd.conf

And edit it…

pico unrealircd.conf

Or simply download it and replace it… after doing this, you may
edit your ircd.motd located in ~/Unreal3.2.7/ircd.motd and run!

./unreal start


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