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>What is Eggdrop?Eggdrop IRC bot is the most popular, most a lot of uses, and is the best software for BOT. Eggdrop software can be retrieved / downloaded freely. Eggdrop Structure flexible in user files, can be accessed via dcc chat, and Eggdrop can in the link between one another, so that the user should be talking to each other in ‘partyline / botnet’. TCL scripts needed for its development and a lot of websites that provide it or you can create your own.
– Examples tcl – download in (here)
In general, “eggdrop” can be referred to as BOT, please download Files eggdrop here.
Installing EggdropTake for example eggdrop source (eggdrop1.6.4.tar.gz) anywhere you like.There are two ways to retrieve files:1. With telnet use the command: wget http://chrisna.biz/eggdrop1.6.4.tar.gz2. By using WS_FTP or CuteFTP and can upload the file.
Once the file is available in a new shell you do exstrac files / Tar by:a. gunzip eggdrop.1.6.4.tar.gzb. tar-zxvf eggdrop1.6.4.tar.gz
Log into your eggdrop directory, by the way cd dir-name-your-eggdroptype:. / Configuremake configmakemake installafter all is done you can start editing (do not forget your eggdrop folder).
Editing config filesRename the file according to nick her boots recommended eggdrop.conf.distSet your irc server and channel.Listen port is 3333 instead of the port which has been provided between 8000-65536
Chanel Set:channel add # Anet-Hub {set global-flood-chan 5:10set global-flood-deop 3:10set global-flood-ctcp 3:10set global-flood-kick 5:10set global-flood-join 5:10}
Set Server:set servers {irc.telkom.net.idirc.incaf.netaloha.us.indocafe.orgirc.interaksi.co.id}
– Examples of config – download in (here)
Running eggdropafter compile install and configure eggdrop you, it’s time to run your eggdrop. Go to the directory where you installed eggdrop then typing. / Eggdrop-m config-you, eggdrop will enter the server and will appear in the IRC. The first time you enter the server boots it is important to introduce yourself to the bot.Msg boots with the words ‘hello’ (for default) or your own words that you have set the config, this way you will become owner of the bot page. after that you will be required to set your password in a way msg bot ‘pass-your password’, then DCC chat to the bot.


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