>change the joomla administrator login address

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>just share the old science, … 🙂
for the layman this may be unimportant, but actually replace / change the administrator login address on our website is important so as not vulnerable to the attackers web ..
hehe.. 🙂
This time I try to share about replacing / changing the address on a web administrator login using jomlaa cms that I got from many forums and friends .. ^ _ ^
and which still require please try za tutorial below:

1. Create a new folder with the name as you wish (example: / koplax)

2. In the folder “koplax” create a index.php file with optional code:

3. At. htaccess file input the following code:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/administrator
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !JoomlaAdminSession=1234567890
RewriteRule .* – [L,F]

Thus, users will experience an error page when accessing : http://websaya.com/administrator

For Admin Users can access the admin in the address space that created a new folder that we created the : http;//websaya.com/koplax/

Note : Replace “1234567890” with a new number as expected, but it must be the same number as the one on the index.php file that we created with the existing on. htaccess.

and keep in mind this substitution does not make any guarantees joomla safe from attackers / hackers, but most can not be as power-added security / minimize our web security holes.

Good luck ..

may be useful ….


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